If you consume hot dogs and fast food too much, then you’ll probably want to know that these foods are super dangerous for your health.

In the United States, more than seven billions of hot dogs are used every year.

The hot dogs were introduced initially by German immigrants in the XIX century and since then they have been popular. Nevertheless, it has been demonstrated that hot dogs are a real danger for the health.

They are extremely unhealthy, produced artificially and they do not contain anything natural. In other words, they are a mixture of pork, various types of animal meat and chicken.

Parts like feet, heads, textile or greasy skin of the animals are being used to prepare hot dogs. These are mixed with big quantities of salt, nitrates and chemicals and the final product is a really unhealthy paste.

The taste on the contrary is very good because they add various additives like for example monosodium glutamate.

The University of Hawaii conducted a research which showed horrible results. They declared that the consumption of this meat increases the risk of pancreatic cancer in 67 %.

The nitrosamines are one of the most problematic additives used in hot dogs. They are nitrates and nitrites. Even the organic hot dogs contain nitrite. These additives get together with amines and they result is nitrosamines, which were found to be able to contribute to the appearance of the stomach, bladder and pancreatic cancer.

If hot dogs are consumed every day, they can increase the risk of colorectal cancer by 21%. This has been demonstrated and declared by the American Institute For Cancer Research.