You may not believe this, but there is a natural remedy against cancer that doctors just don’t want to admit, because the manufacturing of medicines would drop then.

Luckily, this article is going to present you a remedy which makes the carcinogenic cells die. This juice has been created by an Austrian called Rudolph Breuss, who looked for the way to fight against cancer and achieved incredible results with many natural tests.

It is a question of a natural miscellany that stimulates the immune system and also cleans the organism. It’s a juice that fights against cancer eliminating the cells that they are spread in the organism.

Juice against cancer

You only need several clean and bare ingredients and drinkable water:

  • 55 % of Beet
  • 20 % of Carrot
  • 20 % of Celery
  • 30 % of Popes
  • 2 % of Radishes


Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend them. Store the juice in the fridge, consuming it once a day for at least 42 days and then visit your doctor.

The man behind this powerful juice also wrote a book called “The Breuss Cancer Cure: Advices for the natural treatment of the cancer, leukemia and other seemingly incurable diseases”. The book has been translated in 7 languages and has been commercialized in the whole world.

It is a food diet of 42 days, accompanied by this powerful juice. You will have to eliminate any food ingestion of red meats, as well as processed food. You’ll need to ingest more natural meals for almost two months. This is accompanied by an active routine of cardiovascular exercises as well as yoga to support calmness.

Make sure that you always use fresh products if you are going to prepare this juice or buy them from places that sell chemical-free products.